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  • Perhaps so. Regardless, I think a "welcome new players" thread is needed. Something really obvious. Maybe that's the real moral of the story. Oh well.
  • It sounds to me like he's just frustrated. :-\ Could be this thread just got out of hand.
  • Perhaps I overstepped my bounds (I was slightly mad), and perhaps, so did Sgt Vendetta, although I can't justifiably speak for him. But, say what you will about this thread, and T2 in general, the fact that Sgt Vendetta got such a negative impression of TribesNext and it's community says something, call him a troll, call…
  • I dunno about that, maybe you should come back... I can't recall the last time anyone got vote kicked for anything, and I play all the time. I can't think of the last time anybody went and did anything especially obnoxious. As far as in game bickering goes, I haven't seen any real conversation at all to be honest. I'm not…
  • Well, that is funny, but not really the sort of thing that you want happening when the game only has a single active server.
  • He wasn't rating the game, he was rating his experience with it and it's community. Judging by your comment... he wasn't too far off, although I would have given it a higher rating regardless. At least the forum isn't so quiet now.
  • Well said. You hit the nail on the head. I generally try to keep my head down, as I like to avoid ruining my own, or anyone else's day. But you are right. I feel motivated to say my piece, (without naming names) so here goes. >:( It's obvious to me that there are a lot of uber-veteran players around, and it seems as though…
  • Welcome back!
  • Alas, so much of this is true. So, what do you guys think will happen when Ascend comes out? Will it be anywhere near as big of a hit? What team is developing it anyway?
  • other server
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  • You mean Goon Haven right, because there's usually nothing going on anywhere else. IMHO, there really isn't a surplus population worth stealing, unless your server is just for special games, like TR2, GTW, MD2 and other mod tournaments.
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  • So... is "he" banned or what? Not that I really have anything against "him".
  • Truth be told, half of why I made this poll was for the lulz. ( In case you couldn't tell) On the other hand, I assumed that (most) people were going to be honest, since the voting is anonymous, and I hope that this poll will eventually represent a consensus. Either way, I like the results.
  • Also, if you have other things that I didn't mention, just leave a comment.
  • But why? What could be the matter with being associated with Tribes 2? We're all here because we love T2 right? Besides, it could get more people back in the game.
  • on that note, please tell actual stories, this thread is not for stupid comments, if you cant remember the whole story, just post what you can and only if you think its actually a worthwhile story.
  • Going off of that, could we have a noob league for the noobs? (like me?) Tribes 2 is fun. Getting destroyed by pros all the time isn't. With our own teams, we could get good the way the vets did, playing people of similar skill.