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  • Oh I see why, they broke DT support, by installing Ruby Inter... I sometimes wonder if people ever stop before they do stuff... Honestly, Tribes Next, I appreciate what you've done in re launch the game, but surely, you could think a little better... What killed T1? Happy Mod... What killed T2? Happy Mod 2.... well and…
  • Why havent SERVER ADMINS, just started installing it on there servers? And Tribes Next is stupid for not packaging DT with there Tribes Download, or with there patch.
  • So were saying that HM2 is a go then? lawl.... If you start seeing random people just whoring pubs with l33t 2000+m sniper shots, and not ever missing a SLANCE.... Chainguning at PERMA IFF's from thousand's of meters away.... No offense but if you want to launch tribes, and not kill it, RUN the freaking anti cheat....…