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  • Brolllyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Hyyyyyyyybrriid.. My bro's from NY. I think it was NY. I remember when you guys couldn't hit a landspike with your targeting laser.. But now, Hybrid has been owning me in Goon's--LOL. Do you still play brolly?? You probably have been owning me in Goon's under another name--lol. I think we need to…
  • Yes, i do remember you.. I think you owned us (and me) alot in the shrike i believe.. A lot of things happened when 13 was around that i didn't agree however, i was saddened to hear the news of his death in real life. I have some old HV demo's in which i'm going to get a list of names off of and post them here to see who…
  • Wow...Awesome video.. Two Questions: Who made it? And what kind of system does this guy have because i don't even have that HD effect when i play... oh hybrid, do you still have that Mafia Video from years ago with the Two Towers theme???
  • omg... ABM... wow.. I know's it's been a long time since i've played tribes (at least 5 years).. And is that my tank driving buddy blackheart??? And i think Munroe was playing when i last played... His name does sound familiar... wow..