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  • $pref::AcceptedEULA = 1; $pref::Audio::activeDriver = "Miles"; $pref::Audio::captureGainScale = "1"; $pref::Audio::channels = 2; $pref::Audio::decodingMask = 1; $pref::Audio::drivers = "Miles"; $pref::Audio::effectsVolume = "1"; $pref::Audio::enableVoiceCapture = "1"; $pref::Audio::encodingLevel = 0;…
  • Well my brother plays the game fine. I don't have any other computer though, I don't have enough money to do anything.
  • I've done all of this to no avail.
  • That isn't true. Tribes 2 has been free for years and years and years. I used to get the CD's to install it in the mail, and thats where I first started playing it. In the mid 2000's, Dynamix and all it's video games were aquired by Sierra Online, which was then absorbed by their parent company, Activision(Blizzard).…
  • I already told you I went through that sticky and nothing worked. The DSO cleaner didn't really work. I popped it in, tried connecting to snap crackle pub, and got the message about my IP address. Then tried joining again, unhandled exception.