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  • Did you make sure to open your ports? 28000 UDP and TCP?
  • I dunno about the bandwidth as it was never an issue for me at the time, but we ran a large (64 person) server that was quite often full back in the day. If I recall the server was a dual 1.8 ghz processor, and 1-3 gigs of ram (we added more for other things too). It was run off the Linux OS. That server handled the load…
  • I've been talking in the thread over in Support section about setting up a server, with the goal of doing a Base server and a Rabbit server. I've got it running, but until they get Linux support for dedicated servers, TribesNext folks wont see'em :(
  • Thanks to those libraries up there and a little bit of hacking around, I managed to get a T2 Linux Server installed from the Windows CD (as soon as I make sure everythings working 100% I'll write up my notes). The only problem I have now is that when I started the server (./tribes2d -dedicated) it starts...then exits out a…
  • Sorry, my bad. The person who told me it stopped working said "It stopped working on Ubuntu 8.04." My server is 8.10... :/
  • I've been told that T2 will work on Ubuntu 8.04, but some libraries in 8.10 'broke' the game. I wish I knew what to fix, I'd like to run a server off my linux box.
  • My clanmates have asked me to put up a Base Server, it'd probably run some Rabbit mods and Base maps (with vehicles too). My only problem is I can not get the server to compile :( I'm running a Linux amd 64 ubuntu machine and have been running into numerous errors. I'll still be working on it, but I'm not sure when/if I'll…