• Yet, still dont understand, I jacked up my file and accidentally deleted the coding in serverpref.cs... Im mad. >:(
  • Sorry for asking so many questions but can you give me a picture of how to do this? I typed in my ip adress in the server startup thing. I also tried getting it in the serverprefs.cs but I could not find the ipadress insert there. Could you give me a picture tutorial or something that can help me out?
  • Where do I put the ip adress?
  • I looked there, I have not found the direct post of how to get it set up... be more specific please.
  • Sorry I posted this in the wrong spot... but here is the things I have saw. - Your server could not be contacted. -Check your IP / port configuration. Please help, ( )_( ) N U G G E T ( ="= ) E (" ) (" ) O
  • I did both of what you guys said, thanks! I vote you best of the best helper, exclusing the thyth guy. ;D GREAT JOB!
  • Well, I will give you my dxdiag. Also I have windows vista. It says failed to switch to specified mode. Then a unhandled message thing. Here is my dxdiag: Device Name: Intel(R) G33 Express Chipset Family Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Chip type: Intel(R) GMA 3100 DAC type: Internal Approx. Total Memory: 286 MB Current…