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  • Sorry for not carrying out the gamenight yet, i was really busy with real life stuff and whatnot, i still have to overhaul darkmod completely before hosting the gamenight, and i only now got some time to work on it. I'll try to work on it as much as possible, so for now the gamenight is postphoned till somewhere mid august.
  • Post updated, + Code from weapons.cs $WeaponsHudData[0, bitmapName] = "gui/hud_blaster"; $WeaponsHudData[0, itemDataName] = "Blaster"; //$WeaponsHudData[0, ammoDataName] = ""; $WeaponsHudData[0, reticle] = "gui/ret_blaster"; $WeaponsHudData[0, visible] = "true"; $WeaponsHudData[1, bitmapName] = "gui/hud_plasma";…
  • I have counted we have 63 weapons, and the $WeaponsHudCount variable is set to 63... Yet the problem still presists.
  • I killed an MPB by walking on it.
  • Post updated with the final details.
  • Ok, thanks for the support. However, my server wont be up a lot (been busy with school and all), so you can consider this a temporary server downtime. I'll probably start hosting it again arround 8th december. Have fun! By the way. Register at the www.tribes2.junkcomputing.com/ 's forums, (the site is not yet adapted to…
    in DarkMod Comment by RK4000 December 2009
  • Deployables.cs hope i helped
  • the mod is in development ;) when it's V1.0 i think it'll be interesting ('sides, a whole lot of players helps a lot)
    in DarkMod Comment by RK4000 November 2009
  • I dunno if it's skins, but i bet it's my internet connection. my friend tried it and had the same prob. reseted server, and it's working now try to join again
    in DarkMod Comment by RK4000 November 2009
  • I'm hosting it since i made it lol, it's not public yet. My co-host will host his own server too, but not much. His, is in the USA tho.
    in DarkMod Comment by RK4000 November 2009
  • I'll be there!