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  • 1- game is free 2- they dropped the support for it leaving the community high and dry 3- they didnt make jack, they cashed in and bailed out when they killed the franchise
  • I will enter just for giggles, havent done any mapping/messing with T2 since way back , but i will try :)
  • Got two servers up, both 32 player, located in london so should be a good connection. Silens #1 Classic Ip: Silens #2 Renegades Ip: Will probably switch the renegades one to a D&D gametype later on.
  • Great, thank you, i will try to post over at also, im just trying to read up on server related topics , and get as much info as i can right now.
  • really? can you share your setup then, because im running ubuntu also and its just not working. After it sends the heartbeat to the master server list it just stops responding.
  • So are all the current servers up running some form of windows then im guessing? I give up :( just going to switch the server over to windows lol
  • I see, and yes it does seem to just end after it sends the initial heartbeat as it does not allow me to even enter any commands into the console or anything.