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  • I want the team to be able to buy the MPB. Right now they start with one, and can buy an additional one.(for a total of 2) I don't want to remove the buying capability but i want the one they start with to count as the 1 per team.
  • //mounted in a vehicle? if (%client.player.isMounted()) { commandToClient(%client, 'ControlObjectResponse', false, "can't control objects while mounted in a vehicle."); return; } This is built into the Classic scripts, it purposly wont let you, Now, to get around it, i dont know how.
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  • Well my problem was that the map has turrets on opposite teams that are in range to kill each other. GasMask has this same problem, 2 AA turrets within range of eachother, and people at the begining control the turret and fire down the other one. That is the problem, so the Code Red Shifter gave me works fine, I really…
  • is that canCantrol "false"; ? or canCantrol "0"; ?
  • This is from the Classic scripts, which has the anti control missile that was added. Does ne one see someway that i can just add a simple variable to the turret, or does a script have to be made
  • Ya thats why i was confused, Trident's buildings are sever side, how did that become so, Also, how did all the tribes 1 remakes(DX, RollerCoaster) terrains and buildings become server side?
  • Floating Fortress, with AA back Up Grenade Launcher or Chaingun...../w disk, sniper Epack setup
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  • Coke or Pepsi
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  • And now?
  • Whats Support .v12?
  • I like this, a patch that is created by the community for the community, TribesNext does not have to "endorse" it but its the players loss if they dont DL it.
  • Idk, if TribesNext is "Acting Dynamix" they should be doing it IMO. They should be putting out updates for the game, it could be bug fixes more terrains, bases people create, whatever. It will only go good for the community
  • Good Question, why is it so difficult!?!?
  • Ya any word of this, how many submissions? who won? whens the next one :D?
  • Well what made me think of this was from a game i played yesterday. it was on White Dwarf, and they where in the overhead with the generators. It was 3 heavys. I joined mid game so i dont know how long they had our base but they kept hold of it for another 15 mins untill the game ended. If we spawned in medium, imo it…
  • Thanks, some of the bigger changes u noted, i have noticed but didnt remeber them from base tribes 2, Big ones where being mine disked, when i thought that was not possible, the new teleporter on MPB, didnt know you could change the Top turrent. Where can i find the official change log?
    in Base Vs Classic Comment by Vaaz May 2009