• Also, one thing I forgot to mention is the viability of using a sensor jammer pack as a tailgunner instead of the repair pack. I haven't tried this considering how crucial the repair pack is, but if missile turrets are posing more of a problem than anything else I guess it could be worth it. Anyone tried this?
  • Quoted for truth. I used to be scary good at sniping. I could just sit in one area and drop people like flies over and over, no matter how they were trying to evade me. I tried it today and missed almost everyone who wasn't standing still. Also, is anyone else having trouble with mouse sensitivity? The default setting is…
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  • I'm having the same problem. No console errors or anything, it just doesn't display any servers and refreshing does nothing.
  • I'd consider myself a T2 vet I guess. I always played T1 a lot more, but I remember that I used to be a godly sniper in T2. I could stand in one area and pick people off before they could even get to me, over and over.