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  • I've made the following adjustments: • Player map voting is enabled now. • Rotation is no longer 'random'. • Trimmed the maps to 19 instead of 23.
  • Nice pub tonight, I played for way to long. Pub stayed full for quite some time. I'll be removing some of the boring maps tomorrow and fixing the random map to be a fixed rotation instead. Anytime the map is changed it seems it would restart the cycle from the beginning and play the same maps again.
  • It's a community server, I am hosting it. You don't personally have to join everyday but we are going to try to get this server full everyday to try to keep it going. Lots of people want an alternative to goon haven (68 players) but they don't want to play alone so if we can get this server populated with consistant…
  • I agree with teratos, TribesNext has been promoted on various other websites. Please do the community a favor and provide Mappack links for new users to download. If you need someone to host the links let me know, I can host them.
  • Well we definitely need sometype of anti-cheat. There's some shady business going on.
  • Well it would be nice if we could have some sort of unified system, all DT or all Non-DT. From what I gather, hm2 and other cheat scripts will work in TribesNext with DT disabled? So wouldn't we all want to use DT?
  • What I am trying to get at is if DT will be a standard requirement like it used to be? If it is then we need some way to get that out to all the new players who do not know what DT even is. So before I go on requiring DT to be enabled on servers I host, is it necessary to have DT or not? Since the last comment from Turkeh…
  • So then it isn't necessary to have DT running at all?
  • Our master install files were not updated yet, I've updated them now to include Tribesnext patch by default.
  • That's cool! It would be interesting to have a global stats system (kind of like what bf2 has). I'd like to see links to the TWL maps and other Mappacks - perhaps roll them all into 1 big pack and include it with the patch or seperate link.
  • Will something similar to DT be implemented in the future?
  • That did the trick. Thanks!