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  • Oh yes, it's back up! Thank you :)
  • It's not working for me either
  • I can't retrieve my account credentials either. I tried it on a new install and it says bad password or something like that. But I know I'm using the right password as I have the account retrieved from another Tribes2 Install and it works fine
  • Hey guys, reminder about tonight! If you don't have the mod, just visit this page to download our installer: http://www.tacmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4863
  • The repair gun effect is so weird. In our mod, TAC2, we used to have it so that if a passenger of a vehicle started repairing that vehicle, he could then look away and the repair process would still continue no matter what direction he turned. Well this caused the beam to do all sorts of weird bends and angles to try and…
  • Reminder for this week, come out and enjoy some TAC2 tonight!
  • Seems rather obvious to me that if GG were developing a new Tribes game, it would be an epic marketing blunder to NOT put in a few more resources and get PlayTribes released asap. I fear Kryand's right, that they're not working on a sequel. I'm so depressed... Thanks for bringing me up to speed, Blakhart!
  • I just read this in the other post I made last week; thanks for explaining Thyth. Please don't delete this one, i'll stop posting in the other forum. Thanks!
  • I'm not sure what happened, but last week the post in this thread was deleted? I did post it in both this forum and the Mods & Customizations forum, so maybe I violated a rule? If so I apologize. If i'm only allowed to post one of these, I prefer it to be in this forum as it gets more viewers! If a moderator does choose to…
  • Hmm, it appears someone deleted my post in the General section on this site. That's a shame, I hardly consider it MUCH spam, if at all :(. I rather wish they deleted this thread instead, as the other sub-forum gets more viewers.
  • No, of course not. I've posted on 3 so far: Tribalwar (my least fav), Tribesnext, and Goon Haven.
  • Bump - Reminder, TAC2 in 6 hrs!
  • Well, that sucks. At least the bug's acknowleged. Maybe making a little note on the installation FAQ would help prevent others from doing the same thing, until the browser implementation is complete. Anyways, keep up the great work!
  • Phoenix, i'll try and help you resolve your issues, but your best bet is to just head over to the TACMOD forums @ www.tacmod.com and post a question in the TAC2 General section. Someone will quickly reply to your problem before tomorrow night's Fightnight! Anyways, the "catseye.dts" error, I believe, usually pops up when…
  • Oh just let the guy say thanks for crying out loud. Forum nazis... :P
  • Well, Goons has gotten 50+ players consitently. If the Goons Admin is willing to convert his server to an all-Vehicle map server, then it'd probably keep getting all those players, if not more. And this is without an organized weekly fightnight! Is there anyone out there that knows what Miami/Houston/EWO servers run admin…
  • I think 9 straight years of continual playing of of the TAC mod in both T1 and T2 speaks for itself in terms of "execution" :D. I completely disagree with your assessment of the mod, but I totally respect it as well. It's the first time i've seen someone make this sort of critique; most just don't say anything and we never…
  • I don't intend for this to be simply a propagandist advertising post, but for anyone really craving Teamwork, I urge you to check out the Team Aerial Combat (TAC) mod at www.tacmod.com. It's a mod for Tribes 2. It's very much like base Tribes2, except for one simple caveat: You can't touch the ground! Which means in order…
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  • Wow, i'm so pleasantly surprised all the replies have been civilized. I guess I just got too used to all the punks and hoodlums on Tribalwar's forums =P. Anyways, thanks for the replies, especially Goon server's admin. Is there any chance on the Goon admins possibly hosting two servers? One like Miami/Houston Vehs (base T2…