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  • This was definitely the problem! Thanks for the help guys!
  • I will be at work and school all day today. I could send you a pm with the server admin password and you could check it out if you wanted to. I will get a screen shot up when I get a chance. the server name is [h2k] Tribes 2 Server
  • I realized the reason I had no .cs files was that they where in the scripts.v12 zip file and needed to be extracted. So I extracted the .cs files and put them in the base/scripts folder and then checked all the info in your last post and made sure it was correct. I also deleted all the .dso files. I ran the server and…
  • Ok I tried using that file but it did not work. Every time I start the server it compiles new .cs.dso files Maybe I am launching the server incorrectly to make it use these .dso files? I am using C:\Games\Tribes2-tst\GameData\Tribes2.exe -dedicated to start the dedicated server. The version of the game I am using to host…
  • I think we are getting somewhere with this. I have an aidebug.cs.dso in gamedata/base/scripts This file does not seam to be editable with notepad should I be using a hex editor or something? Also this fold does not exist until after the dedicated server is ran for the first time. In the gamedata/classic/scrpits folder…
  • Thank you for the reply, but no matter what number I put in there I get the same result. Do you have any other ideas?