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  • That's completely understandable, thanks for your help!
  • I see, unfortunately I was unaware of the delicacies of the login system and as such I do not have access to the old files at all. I do in fact have a green online message for the account server though, but it seems as though you cannot do much for my lost account issue. I'll just make another account, and save the…
  • Thanks for your quick response! I couldn't play at all with the naelstrof account, which led me to using an account made by my friend (which I've forgotten the credentials for entirely). Eventually I made the nael account which worked properly, but since then I've gotten a new computer so I had to reinstall tribes 2. So to…
  • Oh, and I forgot to mention. I did try to contact Thyth in the IRC server, but the server wouldn't let me connect as it thought I was a bot. I feel like I'm sacrificing a lot of my time and happiness for all this nearly useless security.