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  • Just a guess, but I used to have that problem with my server a long time ago when I had set $Host::HiVisibility = "1"; Many maps dont have settings for the HiVisibility mode, which obviously causes those problems.
  • Never touch a running system... ::)
  • No simple way. You need to define a custom armor type: datablock PlayerData(LightMaleHumanArmorNoJet) : LightMaleHumanArmor { jetForce = 0; }; Do this for all armors in the game. Then write a function which replaces the standard armors with the new custom armors, something like (not tested): %count =…
  • 1.) Don't place objectives/inv stations in places where the nav graph is incomplete 2.) Make sure the spawnspheres are placed so an inv station always is in direct line of sight 3.) Scale up those problematic buildings so the nav graph can be drawn Mapping with T2 bots in mind ain't easy...!!!
  • In order for bots to navigate correctly they need a nav graph which the mapper must calculate when making a map for bots (it's the NAV file you find in all of the bot-maps). In many maps there are a lot of narrow spots where the nav graph can't be calculated correctly. When a bot is in such a spot and cannot find a nav…
  • The simplest way would be to set the jetForce attribute of the individual armors to zero: LightMaleHumanArmor.jetForce = 0; MediumMaleHumanArmor.jetForce = 0; HeavyMaleHumanArmor.jetForce = 0; Would be a good idea to save the old attributes before changing in order to restore them afterwards: $SaveJetForceLight =…