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  • Here's a set I use on fresh installs. No skins or maps though. Support.vl2 NOT required. Just drop the vl2 in your base folder. http://www.sendspace.com/file/fc0ly0 It contains... By me... -advancedChain.cs = sticky chain script. -advancedKit.cs = auto use repKit on pickup, plus other options. -fovFix.cs = set your…
  • Does giving the specific filename help? bitmap:AALogo.png
  • That script would have nothing to do with your issue. The intended use for it was simply jumping before jetting. I think it's even an old script that's broken. Make sure you don't have a script that specifically calls for backpack activation/deactivation- like shieldSki, for example. Try deleting myConfig.cs from…