Advanced Bot Supported Maps for Base (2011)


This is an old version of the bot supported maps made for Base (default tribes 2 gametype) in 2011, back when I was very new to adding bot support. I recommend that you download Classic Bots from 2018 instead, which is MUCH much better and has newer bot scripts and features, rather than download my old 2011 maps. Get Classic Bots from HERE.

Advanced Bot Supported Maps for Base (2011)

In RobertosMaps 12-14-11.rar there are three versions of each map, for example Katabatic ED, Katabatic AI, Katabatic AIV. In each of these versions I have improved the bot support and fixed the navigation graph where the bots kept getting stuck. This map pack was made for BASE, basically the default tribes 2 mode, not classic.

-In the AIV versions the map has improved bots, they also drive vehicles in those versions. . Lagg's V3 bots are used.
-In the AI versions the bots are improved but they don't drive vehicles. Lagg's V3 bots are used.
-The ED versions use standard, NOT improved, tribes 2 bots. Only the map objectives/navigation has been modified. Use these for mods only, such as Shifter, Meltdown, etc.

In CTFBotMapPack_MetaDrax.vl2, CNHBotMapPack_MetaDrax.vl2, SiegeBotMapPack_MetaDrax.vl2 you will find MetaDrax's bot supported maps. These also use Lagg's V3 code, and his maps are focused on a lot of vehicle action. His maps have the RI and RV tag at the end of the map names.

If you did not know, Lagg is the god of Tribes 2 AI, he made these great bots. Here are some things that his V3 bots can do:

-The bots can throw and detect mines when they are in combat
-They are pretty good cloakers
-If a bot doesn't laze a turret/sensor for a heavy bot then the bot will go somewhere where he can see the target himself and shoot anyway instead
of just standing and doing nothing like the default bots
-The bots can deploy motion and pulse sensors, cameras.
-The bots can use the Missile Launcher to destroy turrets and sensors
-The bots can drive shrikes, gunships, bombers, tanks and deploy MPB's.
-They can use the MPB teleporter if they need to reach a objective faster, they can bomb, be tailgunners, use both tank weapons, hop in the
gunship as passengers
-And many more things and fixes to make the default bots un-retarded.

-Always try to have at least 20 bots, 25-30 would be even better. They have a lot of objectives to do.
-Always play on the max difficulty.
-To add more bots than 16 open the console by pressing the ~ key and type this, then press enter.

X is the number of bots you want to add.

To install the bots first unrar the .rar archive and then put the .vl2 files in your Base folder where Tribes 2 is installed. Before running these bots always use DSO remover to delete your previous compiled scripts or else you could have some problems with running these bots. Put the DSO remover in the Gamedata folder and always run it before you enter tribes 2.

I also included a script that comes which each map, xrandomgameai, this randomizes the bot skin and voices. This was made by keen. Metadrax's maps has different names.

Thanks to:

-Lagg Alot for the bots and help
-Pinkpanther also for helping me with some bot information
-Keen for the bot randomizer script
-MetaDrax for map testing and being interested in T2 AI
-BDC for adding Lagg's excellent bots to BIOMod (check out the BIOMod server!)
-Thyth for creating TribesNext
-Everyone who likes "AI" and Tribes 2.

Sorry if I forgot someone!

Please visit this website if you like bots:


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    hey do me up rollercoaster and raindance, and use roboroute to add the capping routes


    edit: kata could use alternate bot attack/patrol routes such as the long way around the mountains and so on
  • Run tricon, make yourself invunerable (i think you can do this if you open the editor too), then DJ like crazy.
  • one of the best things you can do for kata is remove the ai task for destroying the large sensors
  • thats nice, but have you added ground paths for the ai, so they do not always follow the same two routes to enemy bases?????
  • Thanks for all the work Roboto!
  • try this for an ai console spam fix
    // finally found the problem in the function "ShockLanceImage::onFire" (mostly located in projectiles.cs)
       // z0dd - ZOD, 4/10/04. AI hook 
       if(%obj.client != -1) 
          %obj.client.projectile = %p;
    // %obj.client.projectile = %p; shouldnt be set
  • hmm

    thats likely going to take lagg to sort out, but the fix i posted is needed regardless
  • No.

    "// finally found the problem in the function "ShockLanceImage::onFire" (mostly located in projectiles.cs)


    // z0dd - ZOD, 4/10/04. AI hook
    if(%obj.client != -1)
    %obj.client.projectile = %p;

    Find "ShockLanceImage::onFire" in projectiles.cs and delete the code: " if(%obj.client != -1) %obj.client.projectile = %p;" wherever you find it. You will also have to go thru the rest of scripts.vl2 and search each .cs file for ShockLanceImage::onFire and delete the same line but apparently the call is mostly in projectiles.cs, if you find any others delete them too.
  • It's about time I actually made an account here instead of lurking for too many years...

    After Roberto got me through the basics of the editor, I added bot support to several maps since December.

    Link below goes to the main site since we share it.

    As of now, my release thread has 13 CTF, 15 CNH, and 7 siege maps with Lagg-Alot's V3 bots.

    Hopefully newcomers will find these bots as a gateway to get into Tribes 2 should pubs be a little too brutal.

    And don't forget Roberto's maps.
  • Thanks, will check them out.
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    I am bumping this thread

    And that I have attached in the first post MetaDrax's bot maps too.
    Thanks. That other site has been down for me over 2 years. Maybe it's my location, though.
  • Well that's weird, the site was definitely working for that long so I have no idea what blocks you from accessing it, hopefully it works now. And in case it doesn't, if anyone wants the files they can download them from my first post in this thread.
  • This webpage is not available

  • So I haven't been able to access the site for a while, and finally decided maybe I should check TribesNext... Well, here I am and I see you changed the website to something that works.

    When the old address came back online, it forced my browser to come up with a warning saying that the connection is untrusted, and I had to add a security certificate exemption to access the old address. Once I added an exception, the old address leads to the 2freehosting website.

    Either way, it looks like hosting the bot files, let alone forum, is gonna be problematic. Trying to get back into contact with Silent Eagle since.
  • It's working fine for me.
  • Glad it's working fine now guys, though sometimes it goes down temporarily, just for a few hours or minutes. Just retry a few hours later if that happens.

    If I switch the domain again I'll post here. And if you have some bot stuff you can either post it on the forum or send me the files and I'll upload them myself on the site.
  • The new webpagelink worked for me, thanks. Do you know if your bots will work with shifter? I'm trying to setup a new dedicated shifter server, but the bots suck, and constantly run into the deployables.

    I guess if it did work though, the maps list would be limited somewhat correct?
  • Sorry, I have not tested the bots with shifter. I have only tested with Meltdown 2 and even then, bot support is limited before weirder stuff occurs.

    The general rule of thumb is mods work best with the original dumb bot scripts by Dynamix. If I put Lagg Alot bots with Meltdown 2, things can go bad very quickly.

    Bot support maps are limited by simple existence. Someone has to go around adding the bot objectives, check the pathing, make sure the behavior weights don't contradict or stack poorly, and combine spawning into all that. It's really easy to add stupid bot support. It's much harder to make the bots semi-smart. Has to be done on a map per map basis. In terms of mod support, 2 versions per map with 1 stock bots and 1 Lagg bots. Not fun.

    Katabatic RV is the smarter Lagg Alot bot map I put a lot of effort into. In the end, it's very playable with 64 bots, has vehicle combat, bots deploy stuff, and the bots repair base damage. Considering the tech and Lagg's code is basically 2001-2003, I'm happy with what I got.
  • For Shifter, try the ED versions of the map, you won't get smarter bots but you'll get some small fixes to them getting stuck in some places and more objectives for them to do. These ED versions are intended for when you want to play the maps with mods, which is what you want if you need to put these maps with shifter.

    It's better than having simply the normal maps anyway since from what I remember I blocked some paths where bots had problems and balanced the objectives a little. Sadly we'll never get bots that avoid deployables well, ski, and do other things humans do with ease.

    Only use the other ones, AI, AIV, and MetaDrax's maps if you want to play base (recommended) or classic, without other mods, since the other (non ED) versions have Lagg's bot scripts in them.
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