For the last few months I have been working on a version of the BTMappack for Tribes 2. I am near ready to release the first beta version of this mappack so I thought I would let the general community know of its existence.

The first beta version of this mappack consists of 11 maps.

1. BroadsideBTt3
2. CanyonCrusadeBTt2
3. DangerousCrossingBTt1
4. DesertOfDeathBTt1
5. FirestormBTt3
6. IceRidgeBTt1
7. RaindanceBTt1
8. RollercoasterBTt1
9. ScarabraeBTt2
10. SnowblindBTt1
11. StonehengeBTt1

"t" in the name signifies I consider it a "test" version.

Since Tribes 2 does not have a client download function I will release a test version for players and server admins to play test for a period of time. It will be a while before a more polished version is released.

If anyone can host the first release please PM me here on the forums. I expect the first release to be slightly less than 25 mbs in size.

The test versions of these maps are currently on my server "BearTown Tribes2". Unfortunately there is no download to client in TribesNext.

I have set up a personal blog at

Stop on by if you're interested in following my adventures....and misadventures in mapping.

A couple pic links:

(sorry bout the size)




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    Maps cannot be used as a form of currency to the people in charge (Thyth), and said people have no plans to change the game physics anyway, so give up on trying to collapse another community by bringing the Dave G experience back to another game that was glad to be rid of it.
  • Maps cannot be used as a form of currency to the people in charge (Thyth), and said people have no plans to change the game physics anyway, so give up on trying to collapse another community by bringing the Dave G experience back to another game that was glad to be rid of it.

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    I have released the first beta version of the BTMappack for Tribes2. It can be downloaded from the following address:

    Some things to keep in mind about this first version:

    1. It IS a beta version. The maps are in a test state and not everything is done. Even so they should be playable for the most part. There WILL be a future update but not for quite a while.

    2. All maps are client side. They do REQUIRE players to have a copy on their systems. If you are a system admin considering running these maps on your server please keep that in mind. If you are a player make sure you have the mappack installed before visiting a server running these maps.

    3. There is NO vehicle support in any of the maps at this time. You may notice a couple maps that traditionally have vehicle support in other versions. These do not at this time. That will be added in a future version.

    4. There is NO bot support in any of these maps. That may not ever be added in future versions.

    5. One map has broken spawngraph support (ScarabraeBTt2). I hope to have that working in a future version. The map basically works but you will find one team spawning at the other teams base. (Hey, its a feature!) ;)

    6. Install is just like any other mappack for Tribes 2. Drop a copy in the base directory and you should be good to go.

    7. I have no idea whether these maps will work at all with your favorite insertnamehere mod. YMMV.

    8. While I have tested it over a period of several months I cannot claim it won't rape your cat, burn your house and or cause some other kind of deviant damage to something you love and cherish.

    9. Most of the work in creating this mappack was done in the original Linux version of Tribes 2 from Lokisoft. Much of the other associated modeling and other graphics was as well. WinXP was used for some areas also.

    10. The maps were migrated from the "Legends" version of the BTMappack. Legends uses a larger scale than Tribes 2 so many of the maps may seem "larger" than you are used to. Some of that may change in futures version depending upon how well each map plays.

    11. All skyboxes were created by me. Almost all models were created by me with the exception of the main base in ScarabraeBT and the main base in BroadsideBT. DonnyKrun created those 2 interior models with me doing some texturing and alterations on them. (Thanks DonnyKrun!) All other assets are listed in various credit files contained in the vl2 file.

    12. These maps are NOT finished. I am well aware of the various issues and will eventually be correcting and adjusting the maps in a future update.

    13. The maps are currently running at my server, "BearTown Tribes2". which will be listed in the master server list.....when it is actually running and not crashed. ;)

    Thats it. Hope you enjoy the maps.

  • 5. One map has broken spawngraph support (ScarabraeBTt2). I hope to have that working in a future version. The map basically works but you will find one team spawning at the other teams base. (Hey, its a feature!) ;)

  • Thanks for pointing that out. I am aware of it and tried all the options listed there plus some from a couple other spawngraph tutorials. So far no luck. I also have a little script add on that allows you to customize the spawngraphs. If I can't get the spawngraphs to build the traditional way I may have to focus on that method.

    I'm sure I will eventually get it to work in a future version. I figured I would be at it a while and since this release was meant to be a beta test version just to get it out to players to introduce it and basic testing I decided to let it go for now.

    There are a number of other minor issues in that map as well. Base needs more changes/lighting etc. Of the maps included it is the least finished map.

    Thanks again.
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    Warning! Blatant pandering ahead! 8)

    In reviewing download numbers for this mappack over at filefront I find that there have been a total of.......5 downloads since I released it. ( Thanks Mom ;) )

    In an effort to perhaps break through that number ceiling and hit maybe as many as 6....or even 7 (hold on to yer hat Martha!) I thought I would post a bunch of about each map and maybe even some pics. (if I am doing the attachments correctly)

    1. BroadsideBTt3

    This is a remake of the Tribes 1 map. The base interior models were originally by DonnyKrun with some later retexturing by me. The skybox is by me. The platform model is by me.

    2. CanyonCrusadeBTt2

    This is a remake of Doxx's great Tribes 1 map "Canyon Crusade". All interiors are by me.

    3. DangerousCrossingBTt1

    Another Tribes 1 map remake. Interiors are by me. Skybox by me.

    4. DesertOfDeathBTt1

    The very first Tribes 1 map I ever played after purchasing the game way back in the "ol days". The interiors in this remake are by me as well as the skybox.

    5. FirestormBTt3

    This is a remake of the Tribes 2 map Fire Storm. The interiors are by me and the skybox also. I took it in a slightly different direction but still fairly close to the original layout.

    It will be a while before another update happens to this mappack. My basic working plan is to work on the BTMappack for Tribes 2 then bounce over to the version for Legends and then back to Tribes 2 and so on. Right now I am in the Legends phase.

    Ok, thats all for now. Hopefully that inspired at least 2 more map adventurers to download this mappack. :) (c'mon 7!)

    Will post a few more pics soon.

    Thanks for reading.
    • BroadsideBTt3-2.jpg
    • BroadsideBTt3-3.jpg
    • CanyonCrusadeBTt2-3.jpg
    • CanyonCrusadeBTt2-2.jpg
    • DangerousCrossingBTt2-1.jpg
    • DesertOfDeathBTt1-1.jpg
    • DesertOfDeathBTt1-2.jpg
    • FirestormBTt3-1.jpg
    • FirestormBTt3-2.jpg
  • Continuing on with the previous post. Here is a rundown of the remaining maps in the BTMappackt2-b1 version. with some pics of the maps.

    6. IceRidgeBTt1

    A remake of the map from Tribes 1. All models are mine, as is the fogged in skybox.

    7. RaindanceBTt1

    A remake of the map from Tribes 1. All models are by me as is the skybox.

    8. RollercoasterBTt1

    A remake of the map from Tribes 1. Again all models are by me as is the skybox.

    9. ScarabraeBTt2

    A remake of the map from Tribes 1. The base models are originally by DonnyKrun with retexturing by me, platform models are by me. Skybox by me.

    10. SnowblindBTt1

    A remake of the map from Tribes 1. All models are by me as is the fogged in skybox.

    11. StonehengeBTt1

    A remake of the map from Tribes 1. All models are by me as is the fogged in skybox.

    Thanks to those who have downloaded this mappack.
    • IceRidgeBTt1-2.jpg
    • IceRidgeBTt1-3.jpg
    • RaindanceBTt1-2.jpg
    • RaindanceBTt1-3.jpg
    • RaindanceBTt1-4.jpg
    • RollercoasterBTt1-2.jpg
    • RollercoasterBTt1-3.jpg
    • RollercoasterBTt1-4.jpg
    • ScarabraeBTt2-2.jpg
    • ScarabraeBTt2-3.jpg
    • ScarabraeBTt2-5.jpg
    • SnowblindBTt1-2.jpg
    • SnowblindBTt1-4.jpg
    • StonehengeBTt1-3.jpg
    • StonehengeBTt1-2.jpg
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    Even though it will be a while before I release the second beta of the BTMappack for Tribes 2 I have begun work on it and have some of the maps running at my server that will be a part of it.

    My focus will be on improving the original list of maps already released in the first beta and adding several maps that are by various authors who created content for Legends. These maps are all in the current released version of the BTMappack for Legends.

    1. ArdenaBTt1

    This is a map by Knochensage. All interior models are by him. The terrain is his. The skybox is by me. This is a small fast playing map set in an arena like large bunker environment with 2 small bases facing each other across the enclosed terrain. There is only one plasma per base but its placement makes flags grabs quite dangerous.

    2. CleverlineBTt1

    This is a map by Pakocino (AKA Pak). All interior models and the terrain are by him. The skybox is by me. This map features floating bases and platforms with a hilly terrain. Its a fast skiing map with plenty of grab routes and escape routes.

    3. NerebusBTt1

    This map is by Knochensage. All interiors and terrain are by him. The skybox is by me. The bases are positioned opposing each other on an island separated by a small bridge. The playing area is of medium size with very small hills on the terrain.

    Unfortunately, because of the lack of an adequate download system in Tribes 2, these maps won't be accessible to visitors to my server. They are there, but with no downloads all I can do is show this preview until I can release BTMappackT2-b2.

    My plans are to steadily add several more maps from the Legends side to the second beta version of the BTMappack for Tribes 2 to give Tribes players a chance to see what those authors who contributed to Legends over the years have been up to.

    All credit goes to the original authors.
    • ArdenaBTt1-1.jpg
    • ArdenaBTt1-2.jpg
    • CleverlineBTt1-1.jpg
    • CleverlineBTt1-2.jpg
    • CleverlineBTt1-3.jpg
    • CleverlineBTt1-4.jpg
    • CleverlineBTt1-5.jpg
    • NerebusBTt1-1.jpg
    • NerebusBTt1-2.jpg
  • Hey, I tried your maps and I really like them, the textures and interiors and very nice too.

    Thank you! Much appreciated.

    Many of the textures are the same ones used with "Legends" and are mostly by "Evil Lair", a very well known texture artist and mapper from the Quake community. There are textures by other authors also and if you dig into the vl2 (zip) file you will find a list of credits.

    Most of the Interiors are by me with the exceptions being the main bases in ScarabraeBTt2 and Broadsidet3. Those 2 bases are by a longtime Tribes modeler "DonnyKrun" with additional retexturing by me.

    Sadly, not many have even looked at the maps so I do really appreciate your positive feedback. Legends has actually been quite a good game for a long time and overlooked by the greater Tribes community. A while back while experimenting with maps I realized I could "bridge" the 2 games with one basic mappack. While both games are different they are close enough that this is possible with some changes on each side.

    There have been quite a few very nice maps created for Legends over the years by various authors. As time goes on I hope to add more of those efforts to this first core version.

    One of the really sad things I see prevalent in both Tribes versions is a push for server side only maps which has resulted in a serious lack of original content that is leading to a steady stagnation of both games. That is truly a shame because IMHO opinion the basic Tribes style of game has far more depth and potential than the other 2 "big" games, Quake and UnReal. Those games mapping communities are thriving while in contrast, due to the lack of a adequate basic download function in both versions of Tribes for custom maps and content, there has been almost nothing new produced for either Tribes version for years. (Legends has had this download function all along BTW even though it downloads a bit slowly)

    Even though many Tribes map authors have worked miracles with stock content you can only rearrange the same deck chairs so often........

    If there is anything that really needs addressed in both versions of Tribes it would be a working download system.

    Another goal I had for this mappack was to make it completely independent of the Tribes 2 game itself. Its pretty much there and at this time is only using one stock terrain texture that I could not find a decent candidate for elsewhere. With the exception of things like turrets and inventories all else you see in the BTMappack is not actually a part of Tribes itself. (used in IceridgeBTt1)
    I'm thinking of doing some bot support for some of the maps, the bots would love the big interiors.

    I made a conscience choice to not add BOT support to the maps but I have no objections to you doing it. Please preserve and use proper author credits for the maps and keep in mind the future releases/updates may bork some of what you do. The next version is a ways out. Likely sometime after Xmas or even later. I do most of my work when winter hits and keeps me from working outside so thats when I will resume work on it. It will be a while.

    Again, thanks for taking a look and your comments. Very much appreciated. :)
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