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    lpbbear, yeah, it's understandable that they're not perfect since they're conversions. Even some objects like turrets, inventories, kits, should be raised/lowered a bit so they make better contact with bases. But it still turned out pretty nicely considering the conversions! A shame that Legends never got popular. And from what I remember, there was someone on the forum here asking for a download of Legends since every download of the Legends client is gone. Maybe you could post a working copy of Legends if you have it?

    And liqmatrix, you're right! That does look strikingly similar to the CryEngine 1 demo, haha. What is funny is that T2 on a high resolution today looks much better than the old CryEngine demo.

  • I was asking for the new versions and lpbbear has been nice enough to hunt them down for me. I did manage to find version here:

    and archived here:

    I just like to archive all versions for historical preservation when possible. So much is lost to what I call Internet rot.

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  • Nice, thanks for posting a link then! I forgot it was you who asked for it. And yes, it is a good idea to preserve everything you like. You never know when it's gone.

  • So I thought I would post to both of you. First I am trying to get the Win version of Legends working. The files I have are the version you are seeking liqmatrix but they are not in a straight installable exe format. They come from an archive of the rsync server that handled updates for the game. The way they worked (as I remember) in that last version was you downloaded a small exe file that then downloaded the rest of the game to your system. So what that involves is trying to figure out which files go where. I made a small amount of headway this evening but no success in actually launching the game. I'm currently using a Virtualbox copy of WinXP in Linux. That may be the issue. I don't have an actual Windows system at this time. I may have to set up a system with Windows and test further. As a result the Windows version may be a while.

    I do have the Linux version and once I get that figured out I will upload it here. That will come before the Windows version because of the many hurdles involved with getting the Windows version into some sort of working order.

    A few more screenshots from the Legends 1.06 version of the BTMappack.

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    Good grief man! I didn't mean to turn this into a job for you! I thought there might be this clean exe, like the link above, sitting on a dusty hard drive somewhere. It's surprising the various builds for Legends just vaporized like this, but it happens a lot when I start researching older games that seem to have fallen into a black hole. So the fact you are even taking the time to do this is rare and appreciated. Are those maps available for download or just WIP builds? Quite beautiful!

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    Listening to some chill electronic ambient and staring at your screenshots just works right now. sigh Deep breath.

  • So my game plan on the Windows version is as follows.

    1. Set up a copy of WinXP on a system. Install NVidia driver. Just a basic copy, nothing fancy.
    2. Install an older version of Legends just to get the Windows directory structure in place so I can later rename the original install directory and use the newer file versions to mimic the original structure.
    3. Once that all works, and assuming it does, package it and the last version of the BTMappack for Legends into a zip file and find somewhere to upload it all. I'll also do the same for the Linux version. Unfortunately I can't do that here because there is a 50mb file size limit.

    I am supposed to be chatting with Davean this afternoon. I'll ask if there was a straight installable version of the last Legends release. Chances are there wasn't.

    Thanks for the comments on the map pics. Several of the goals I had in mind with those last map versions were creating a believable night environment, creating outer space environments, improved skyboxes, nicer lighting, borrowing a little from the Quake side of things, etc.

    There are also several Easter eggs in some of the maps. Goofy crap I put in just for fun and something the more explorative player might accidentally stumble upon.

    Another overall goal with the mappack was to do something like you are doing with old games. When I began working on it I spent a lot of time searching around the Internet for as many custom Legends maps as I could find. Many of them were unfinished efforts with errors in them. I cleaned them up and included them in the mappack in an effort to preserve them. I still had a few left to include at the end there but the vast majority are in there. Where ever I could find the authors names they are credited.

    Let you know how things progress.

  • You were right that the lightning looks better in Legends. Those pics are indeed beautiful, pleasant to the eyes! What you're saying about posting a link to the latest Legends version with the maps sounds great as well, especially after so many years.

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    So, some progress. After much putzing around with installing WinXP, getting drivers installed, and experimenting with files kindly provided by Davean I was able to get version from January 10 2013 @12:30.07 working. I had a few glitches getting there. A missing vcredist Microsoft file was needed. A font issue that I resolved and some moving around of files. Anyway it works.

    I have this version zipped up and need a file site to upload it to. This is the Windows version. It is not an installer file. It is the game folder zipped up. Unzip it to where you want it and run the Legends exe file. The BTMappack is included. Unfortunately a few of the maps in the BTMappack were broken by changes in this version of the game. They were slated to be fixed in a mappack update that never made it live. A copy of the vcredist file is also in there but its for WinXP. I have no idea what you might need if you're running Windows10. This is all 32 bit BTW.

    I may be able to cobble together the version later. More experimenting ahead.

    If either of you have a way to upload this file somewhere please let me know. The file size is 311 mb.

    So anyway it works, seems to have the files in the right place with what I assume are the right versions

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    Well, I use It's free for the first 15GB. It says 50GB, but 35GB goes away after the first month. So 15GB usable for free.


    A HUGE thank you for your work!

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    I await thy data!

  • I checked out Mega. It appears to be the typical cloud storage site. There used to be dozens of sites that accepted gaming files for public download but I'm not seeing any. Do you know of anything like that still around?

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    Many of those died off, got bought out, etc etc

    Because of indie sites like, Gamejolt etc and FTP servers not being used much anymore most Kickstarter campaigns, indie devs etc usually up their files to cloud or sites like I mentioned. Some still up to Mediafire.

    Happypuppy (remember them?) style game download sites seem to have pretty much disappeared from what i can tell. Maybe one of these sites?

    Where I found the older version of Legends does take requests to upload files:

  • Ok, try the following link for downloading:

    They auto delete after 30 days so help out by sharing it out there as much as possible. I haven't used this site for years so just in case they have "changed" virus scan the file before using.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    I'll try to get a Linux version together later and eventually maybe the last version.

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    Just want to say, again, a super thank you for working on this. That download site, though, is abysmal. They make you wait 30 seconds to download and then only give you 40-50K/sec. So it's going to take me 1hr 45min to download. At least with it never expires, doesn't make you wait and has a large amount of bandwidth.

  • Nice, you managed to get a .zip together with everything in it! I'll download it and give it a try. In a way, it's like exploring a forgotten/alien world. Oh, and I would have to agree with liqmatrix. Mega is a much better alternative.

  • link to Legends- Windows version with BTMappack 1.06.

  • I'll get around to trying to track down the release sometime soon. I was sent another set of files to look at but just don't have that much personal time to spend on it right now. In the meantime I hope you are able to get the release I have posted working on your systems. Just in case anyone else wanders in here interested in it it would be helpful if you both share your tips and tricks getting this old beast working especially if you are running newer versions of Windows such as Win 8 or 10 64 bit.

    So if anyone reading this is trying it out please post any issues you're having here. Maybe one of us can help you solve it.

  • Thanks for the new link. I extracted it and it just works (on W7 64 bit).

    I remember actually giving Legends a try many years ago, but I couldn't find anyone to play with, so I eventually just forgot about it and kept playing T2. Initially, in this thread, I was just interested in the T2 map pack version to see how well it would fare with bots. Well, now that you went through all the effort of digging up a recent Legends version as well, plus the map pack, you got me interested in checking it out again, just to see what the game was like.

    Sadly, it has no bots, so I cannot actually play it, but I will return to this thread with some nice screenshots instead. Because it does indeed look pretty good! I like the look of older 3D games where they didn't look too realistic. And I suppose now that you posted this, if people want to keep making maps for T2, they could convert some Legends assets to use in T2. I wouldn't get my hopes up though, the community is just too small.

    Interesting game though. It plays more like Classic than Base, and it has quite a few improvements in the engine. Wish it had bots and vehicles though :P

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    It was just on the verge of adding both Bots and Vehicles when it ceased development. There were some early test versions of both being used on a few servers. Most of it was unofficial custom stuff but I do remember some efforts in both areas. If Ilys wanders in someday maybe he could fill us in on the actual details. I was more involved with mapping, he was the guy doing all the coding at the end.

    You could still set up a server on your own without the master server being up. Just open a port in your firewall and post the current IP address. I think both udp and tcp needed to be forward. The actual port is in the prefs file but you can customize that to whatever you want.

    I actually think this was the best release. The release had a few changes that I believe were test changes meant to be refined in a future release.

  • A couple of the Easter eggs in the BTMappack maps.

  • Good ones, haha. Poor old Vista.

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    I am willing to stand up in the room and be that guy who says, "I thought Vista was great!". Admittedly, after a few service packs.

  • You all may find this amusing. I thought this had disappeared from the Internet. I came across it this morning while doing a mappack related search. Funny to read back my thoughts from so long ago. Man did I take this stuff too seriously or what? :)

  • Vista, well... it's true what they say about first impressions. You can make changes but first impressions last forever. And Bear, I do find it amusing, but in a good way. I think you cannot accomplish anything great without dedicating yourself to it, even if it's a hobby.

  • Yes, as I have heard numerous times we all go through seasons in our life. No regrets! The maps look fantastic and your dedication shows in the results. Thanks so much for taking time out of your life to do all this.

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    This is a bit off topic, but I like to hunt down lost games for historical reasons. There was a Tribes like game called Ascension that I have been looking for and the devs of Ascension released the final build for free before closing it down. Have yet to find a copy of this lost/cancelled title. So if anyone out there still might have a copy I would greatly appreciate a link. The archived download page from their now defunct site is here: (download links are dead)

    A little background on the title at Unseen64 here:

  • I have a copy saved here, but I don't know if it's that particular build. Some of the devs involved in that project are still around between here and a few discords, so might pipe in if they happen to see the mention of it.

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