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  • I played the special PRE-Closed beta preview today for about 10 minutes. It's hard for me to tell, as I simply jumped in as the default Medium loadout, but I must say it was fun. I'll have to play with the other armors to get a better feel as to what's in store. Otherwise, so far, so good!
  • A sucker is born every minute, and I was one of them. Money well-spent so far. However, they are NOT letting me use ANY permutation of "Angry Black Man" for my name - or ABM or's kinda lame. Find me as "Orgasmitron". I intend to master this Beowolf tank as well.
  • I generally like to roll in the Beowolf. It is/was a very misunderstood vehicle. It was my forté. With a good teammate/gunner/repair guy, you had a pretty nasty machine. The big trick was understanding how the collision detection was coded on the wirefames/textures. That is to say, some collisions/missiles would create…
  • Mole - I still have some crazy films from the HV days. Obviously they'll be from my POV, but you still see a lot of names, etc. You might be on one of them! It's very interesting...
  • I would beg to differ. Tanks are awesome at defense. Take Kata for example - if you knwo the standard ski routes of heavies you can plow them away. Trust me - the Beowolf is my bitch.
  • Eolk, Mole13 ~ Lol yeah not dead yet, just runnin' away from da' po-po!!!!! :) Hired gun available. Good with Beowof Tanks, Bombers and your mothers. :) GReat with anaimals. Good cook, too. God to "see" you guys, lol!
  • VGTG VGRA VGA VGW!!!!!! YEah man - tell John to call me - I've had some time free up recently, so I wouldn't mind joining you and Pockmeister and Terranova for soem fun, even if it's not T2. Is anyone playing Outlands now? I have a decent rig to play with, as well.
  • A + B to tha' muthafuckin' M in that hizzy! Bringin' black all the crazy choco love to the T2 Community!!! :) Angry Black Man is the name, and I represented (admin) Houston Vehicles |HV|, North Eastern Ghetto Reclamation Organization [NEGRO], KiLLAz, and a bunch more... I played forever. Many of you likely used my SciFi…