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  • I see what you did there. :p
  • Don't think you'd see much difference on Goons.
  • Does anyone care about him getting kicked? If it was a ban, sure, get pissed. But a 15min (however long it is) timeout isn't rageworthy. Besides, he has "budd" in his name. That's kinda retarded.
  • Kids these days. :)
  • I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks. If you're stoned, use MS Paint. Edit: I take that back. Paint can be useful for alpha, but only when used in conjuction with something else. By itself, MS paint is a pile of shit.
  • Your first bombing run should used to scout out targets or to kill the enemy vpad. All runs after the first should exploit weaknesses in the enemy base and take out their other defences (eg, MPB, turrets, missiledudeonhillplayingatHDvehsniperrofl). I'd advise against passengers ejecting. A hotshot shrike jock will ram the…
  • I'm guessing this means that it'll be swamped by hardcore 6 year old Cod players.
    in Tribes: Ascend Comment by DC March 2011
  • :-X I don't get it.
  • You're always on the green team. They are your friends. The red team are bad. They want to kill your generator and steal your flag. Don't let them. ...Simple enough?
    in ban time Comment by DC January 2011
  • That was me being polite actually. ;)
  • Most, if not all, current T2 players have played on GoonHaven atleast once (enough to get counted by the system). However, hardly any of those players ever actually play. I've only seen one full server, so someone needs to go wake up the other 2000 players.
  • teratos, how many of those players are smurfs or bots? If there were 2227 active players, then surely we'd be seeing more than one full 64 player server at any given time. And your link just told me there are now 2221 active players, whereas another part of your website is tracking the statistics of 8383 players. Kindly…
  • no wai its santa
  • in Defense Turret Comment by DC July 2010
  • Bear! You have to: Install T2. http://xfer1.the-construct.net/tribes2/tribes2gsi.exe (or wherever the hell you got T2 from in the first place) Run the latest T2 patch. http://xfer1.the-construct.net/tribes2/patch/_tribes2_update_21570-24834_25034.exe Then run the TN patch.…