• EASY L|H, it's one thing to critique music in general, but to "come out" and admit that you actually listen to Taylor Swift may be going too far. Some things are best left in the closet. ;)
  • i hope kanye doesn't show up to patrick swayze's funeral. " i'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute...but michael jackson had the best death of the year. just sayinnn Credit:
  • And on the flip side, I have an incredibly lame system that gets 70fps at best now, so I wouldn't be DLing it either. It's a great thought though. I've pretty much decided that to create a better game at all, it would need to be exactly the same game with better graphics.
  • Looks pretty sweet. I'd add some actual gameplay, but it looks good.
  • Update: Replacing those files didn't help, but there is a addendum to the error message. Now it says "Error reading .PNG file- Incomplete Dynamic bit lengths tree" If noone has ideas, I'll try the fresh install thing, although I really don't wanna... I'm putting a list of maps that cause problems together, so far it's…
  • Hey, sorry I haven't responded. I lost my connection for a few days. The bastards think that just because I don't pay the bill, they can turn my shit off whenever they feel like it. Assholes. Any chance a texture script like lush could have caused this? I can't remember if I had the problem before I installed that .vl2.…
  • I started by watching my brother (AngelOfFury) play. At the time, I didn't have a 'puter that would run the game (HAH!), so I smurfed on his account for awhile. By the time I could get a decent rig, T2 was already fizzling. I did manage to play a few matches with CoDx (Circle of Destruction Xtreme). Great bunch of guys. I…
  • I've never had a problem there. I think the mods do a good job, and I don't hate the map rotation because bad maps usually end up getting skipped by vote. The whole vote thing creates another problem in that the most popular maps get voted in a lot. People vote for these maps because they have their own game fine tuned in…
  • imho Goon needs to lower the player cap. It's too crowded for all of the cluster maps, and if they limit it, perhaps people will overflow into another server. I know I would. = my $.02
  • Hard not to with 60 people on tiny maps like DX. But hey, I'm just glad there are still people playing.
  • I have followed your advice, (Thanks!) but I'm still having trouble. I have armor skins that work fine in the base folder, but weaps and explosions don't. I've also tried putting them in textures-skins and textures-special, but I'm still not having any luck. They're all .vl2's. Any other tips?
  • Ya. Signed.