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  • Props to you for making this collection, glad to see the Osiris pack is still around, I used to use that and the Psnapalm pack back when I played renegades on Cybergens STD infected playground :)
  • pretty sure he was just being sarcastic with no harm intended :o
  • Ahh thank you for bringing this back! I loved it and it was also one of the mods that hooked me on the games, along with renegades, although I played then as -Neocrathy_punK-, I'm sure you'll see me in your server with this name as often as i can be :) Don't listen to the flames, just boosts the views and replies to your…
  • 'STD" is Strategical Team Dominance, or rather it was, they had an incredible renegades server, and i've used -Neocrathy_punK- through T1 and T2 all the quakes, and cs, and played T2 TWL under it for =STARS= and .BRu. so that might be why it sounds familiar, especially if you played any of the Meltdown2, renegades,…
  • Ahhhh i remember you, i used to play as -Neocrathy_punK-, know if any of the other old STD guys are still around?
  • Wow i cant believe there still people from this community left, i used to play all the time in Cybergenes STD infected playground lol, renegades for life, cant remember a single persons name though besides maybe AMAX, dunno if hes still around, anyone else on here from the old server?