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  • Does anyone remember who Abstract is or why he's so angsty?
  • Yeah here it is: 1. Another game.
  • Yes. It's not really that much better.
  • I don't think you understand when you're supposed to use that line. Oh well, just shows how stupid you are.
  • In the end, the fact is that blindkilla is HiRez's target audience for T:A: a complete moron who sucks at games and would never be able to figure out how to play a real Tribes game. So it makes complete sense that he's excited about it despite all of their ridiculous design decisions.
  • And read this if you want to understand how much of a retard blindkilla is, and why it's amazing that he even figured out how to use a computer:;u=855;sa=showPosts;start=390
  • Wait hold on... Is blindkilla stupid enough to still be looking forward to this terrible game? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  • True, but I don't think they are going to successfully appeal to the masses either. Global Agenda was bad and unpopular. I don't see why Tribes: Ascend will fare any different, since it's being made by the same group of amateurs as GA. If they had appealed to Tribes players, then at least they'd be starting with something.…
  • Hey nice this almost makes up for the fact that you only get 2 weapons in any armor and have to purchase loadouts.
  • JudgeHershey, pretty much everything you have said in this thread is wrong. Your views of Tribes 2 are so ridiculous that I have trouble believing that you aren't just trolling right now. But just in case, let's go over a few: No, pros actually TK very very rarely. Balance. This is one of the more ridiculous things I've…
  • If that's all it takes to chase you away, then you obviously came here just to complain and not to help anyone. I've seen plenty of people like you come and go, and that's all you do. You come, and then you go, but not without trying to convince everyone that the reason you're leaving is all their fault. Sorry, but it's…
  • I don't know where these guys are finding all of these "rude vets". Almost every vet I know is glad to offer help to new players who ask for it, and a few (such as myself, Darkstrand, Fling, Tarzul and more) have gone way out of their way to help new players improve on previous occasions.
  • Well, T1 was still plenty popular when T2 came out, so it was plausible for T1 players to reject T2 and still find tons of people to play with in T1. Same goes for T2 when T:V came out. But now, all three games are basically dead, so rejecting the new one to keep playing an old one is not really an option, especially when…
  • Let's all just try to remember the old Abstract, before his rage-filled incoherent mental breakdown.
  • I guess now we know who is two-faced.
  • Reposting what I posted on T:U forums:There is only one paragraph in the entire interview that anyone needs to read if you're wondering why T:V was doomed: The designer/producer is utterly clueless enough about FPSs to believe that FPS skills are as non-transferable as levels and equipment in unrelated RPGs. That's why his…
  • Goon Haven is a popular server with real players. This video might help you learn the ropes: I wouldn't waste any money on Torque if I were you. If you are just looking to mod Tribes 2, you don't need to waste money on Torsion. I just use Notepad++. If you actually plan on getting…
  • ::) Oh man, wrong again. When the game was in its prime, there were more competitive players than non-competitive players. The competitive player base is smaller now because the game is ten years old. Competitive players have mostly moved on to games that are actually, y'know, competitive. But then, that's beside the point…
  • It's comical how wrong you are.
  • Your entire post has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion. It doesn't matter what your arbitrarily determined minority and majority think. The "minority" needs our help. The "majority" doesn't need your help. We are helping some people. You aren't.
  • In your opinion. In your opinion. You are instructing people to ignore advice from others because you think they will have more fun if they do. We give advice to others because we think they will have more fun if they listen. The only difference between what you are doing and what we are doing is: If they agree with you,…
  • Advice truly is the bane of all activities.
  • There actually is a down-side to advertising TribesNext for them. If the game is worse than Tribes 2, then some players who would have otherwise kept playing T:A might just play T2 instead. If they advertise the game enough, I don't think there will be much of a problem with it gaining popularity. Almost all people who…
  • Unreal 3 makes cross-platform development incredibly easy. They could make the game work great on both platforms (and PS3 too, if they wanted) without much extra work.
  • Well you are a little late. The signups closed 3 days ago and the draft was done 2 days ago. Many of the teams even had their first scrims yesterday. I think there's still a "sub pool" you can be in, which will let you play if some team doesn't have enough for a match.
  • I looks to me like Hi-Rez isn't paying attention to their forums at all. They have yet to show any interest in any discussion there. So, I don't think it much matters who comes to post there or what they post about. They've already said that the Beta will be all about gameplay, not just bug fixes. They've also already said…
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  • Why were you more of a T1 player? Is the answer because T1 was better than T2 base? That's why Classic was made.
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