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  • haha, what it do!
  • Its hard to ask this question to our community. Honestly this is what is wrong with tribes and the reason for having no future as much as I would like it to have one... Its simply cause once you take us away from the look and feel of Tribes 2,,,mehh people don't like it. Which leaves us in this same spot as always in hopes…
  • I'm gonna have to agree with this. Tribes 2 went huge because of the way they advertised it...I remember seeing Tribes 2 on TV, and the way they talked about it on a huge player scale....and they made it sound way fun. Now as we settled into Tribes 2 with a peak of what like 200,000 give or take population?? The learning…
  • Best way i can put this is like... Tribes 1 & 2 being NFL football, and Tribes:V being like arena football. The action was a bit more intense in T:V but it was a little too fastpace. I really enjoy it as a heavy, but ehhh. Im not sure man, T:V was really missing something...It felt good but I think visually scaling seemed…
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