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  • (Quote) Well the nice thing about the auto downloader was that it downloads the map from so it doesn't actually cause any lag. The server doesn't have to send its map to all the clients, they get it form a third par…
  • Oh, I only read gametypes, disregard that
    in Gametype Comment by admax88 January 2009
  • I thought this thread was about gametypes, not mods :p Anyways, CTF is the most popular, but other gametypes like Siege and Arena are also popular.
    in Gametype Comment by admax88 January 2009
  • Fog should be left alone. The fog is part of the gameplay, not just a graphics thing. Please don't fuck around with fog.
  • I saw a couple base CTF servers on but they're full of bots. I find that bots really scare off players. Its hard to get a good game going when the server is half full of bots. So to those of your hosting base servers, remove the bots and lets see…
  • So many familiar faces! I used to play a lot on CPA as well if any of you remember me. A mousemod server would be great if we could get enough people interested.
    in Mousemod Comment by admax88 January 2009
  • Ontario, Canada here.
  • Well... the easiest solution would be to just install a copy of tribes 2 without the tribesnext patch and just use that for LAN play. If your hosting a LAN game you probably don't need dedicataed server mode. Try just hosting a non-dedicated lan g…
  • (Quote) That should do it. You can only create one account per week at the same ip up to a maximum of 5 accounts. But if you create his account from somewhere else with a different ip you'll both be able to play from home.
  • I did some digging and I'm not sure its a problem with WINE's implementation of winsock2. First of all I did a packet log when starting Tribes in online mode. Both starting on windows and on linux under wine had the exact same internet traffic as …
  • (Quote) I don't know the specifics of Ubuntu releases, but on my gentoo system I can run T2 just fine. Except when using the modified Tribes Next executable. I keep my system fairly up to date, so I imagine if you update to a recent ubuntu releas…
  • I would also be very interested in playing on linux. I just tested the patch using wine-1.1.12 on amd64. With the -online option the game froze during the GarageGames splash screen just as others had reported.