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  • Essentially it was because T2 base was extremely slow comparative to T1 base. One thing that always stood out was that in T2 base the skiing friction was extremely high.
    in classic Comment by AtlasNR February 2011
  • I host a Mumble voice server for T2 players. (among other games) It is available for use if anyone is interested. Currently 35 players but i don't mind bumping it up to 64+ I've been using this to aid me in bringing new players to the game. Tons of them enjoy the game it's just that the population is rather stagnant. They…
  • I was considering doing something along these lines. Placing fliers at the local campus on the public bulletin boards in the CS building. We could definitely get the population soaring if everyone did their part. A steady flow of new players coming in is vital to the longevity of the game. Also I feel the sooner Email,…
  • I have been working on bringing new players in and if it weren't for the account creation server being down currently I would be right now. Essentially, I post to several communities to get interest. While I do explain what makes the game fun the main thing I highlight is the reasons why they should AT LEAST give the game…
  • I assumed something like this was the culprit. Thanks for the force d3d console command. :)
  • It's more out of sheer curiosity. Plus I use Fraps which only hooks on to DirectX games.
  • The Tribes 2 download section of RenWerX is down and unlikely to ever be brought back up. I used to host a server myself and lost my Renegades server files and cannot find them anywhere else for the life of me. If anyone has the server files please upload them somewhere.
  • You're talking about Renegades. Sadly no one plays it anymore. I have a server running with it on it if you want to be sure but you won't see anyone on it because the old following it had is dead and gone. =\ The server is named Atlas' Renegades.
  • What do you mean by interpolation? I know the actual mathematical meaning of it but what does that have to do with using the chaingun in game?
  • Archangel here of Strategic Team Dominance. [STD] Came back after I found out that Tribes 2 had been revived from the dead by TN. I play Classic now since it appears to be the only populated mod but my heart still lies with Renegades.
  • I'm pretty sure a good idea would be to explain the basics of using the targeting laser. The Targeting Laser: (Default key "L") The targeting laser is a standard equip. on any armor. Using it fires a green beam from you to the spot you are aiming and displays the distance to that location. (Or person/objects, etc.) Where…