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  • (Quote) Or, you know, raise a normal family or something.
  • This post makes it seem like it's been down for over a year. By the way, the best way to get newcomers started on Tribes is to bother Kryand to make more videos. Those things rocked. Heck, I would make them if I knew anything about this game.
  • So every bit after the first bit is zeroed out because of [tt]& 1[/tt], leaving the first bit to be either 1 or 0, depending on whether the first bit was a 0 or 1 in the clientID (i.e., if the clientID was odd). So it was programming ignorance.…
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  • Doesn't hold a candle to Modern Warfare 3:
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  • (Quote)
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  • How is the tentative date going? Not that I'm going to show up.
  • That guy who you really wish would stop screwing around with an elf gun in medium armor and actually try doing something useful. That, and occasionally HoF.
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  • (Quote) What's weird is that if you take out the last part of the url and just leave You get this: (Image) :o
  • Thanks, robertom. You've helped me find my silver lining: I have no skill in this game... which means I never have to worry about my skill level dropping.
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  • Joseph Haydn Claudio Monteverdi Heinrich Schütz Johann Pachelbel Alessandro Scarlatti
  • Uh, you know you don't need to package it in an MSI, right? Tribes 2 doesn't have to be "installed", just exist somewhere on your hard disk. In other words, a self-extracting ZIP would work just fine. Still, the trust issues are pretty …
  • (Quote) Well, one thing I can think of is that it's a great way to turn something analog back into digital, have it imprintable on a large variety of items and captured optically without requiring exactness, with the potential to be done very quick…
  • You're of course assuming that they might just be inclined to concentrate that tiny bit more on the game. Or that the idea of defaulting to "no", and not have to bother pressing yes, is appealing to really lazy people. Or, that nobody wi…
  • (Quote) It's MagicEye. You have to put your face real close to the screen, then move your face away, BUT DON'T REFOCUS YOUR EYES.
  • Seriously, someone needs to make a NEW voicepack with quotes from really recent stuff that people love to quote (I have no idea what... Barney's lines from How I Met Your Mother? I hear those quoted all the time. House quotes, too). THEN REMEMBER TO…
  • (Quote) Uh... C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\base\music ? Though, I have no idea what the tracks "Starwolf" and "Bioderm" correspond to. Darkzigger?
  • (Quote) I was joking about the OST... but... Holy crap.
  • (Quote) Oh yeah, that's just the s***, man. I have the OST and everything, sometimes I have that on while I'm playing other games. Did you hear the live orchestral version? That stuff is amazing.
  • "Why is there so much lag?" "Can we please change to another map?"
  • (Quote) Well, there are still 161 ways you can use [, ], and | to make an H, if you're willing to use - or -- for the crossbar. If you're willing to use (, ), {, and } also, your possibilities shoot up to 1249. I don't think you'll be running out o…
  • yeah, find the OWL demos, those are just pure gold. ;)
  • This belongs in regular Support, btw. Searching "IP Challenge" on the forums brings me to this FAQ right here: Check out the "third" solution (actually it's just a separate s…
  • In addition to making sure you have a net connection, try looking in here: tl;dr: If you have the TraceDX voice thingy that lets you customize your voice menu (TracerECM), you need to disable …
  • (Quote) Be sure to check off the "I don't get the joke" checkbox. The original post (and poll) was in response to
  • Uh, well first off, why aren't you playing in Full-Screen mode (alt+enter)? If you already are, then that's REALLY weird, and ignore the rest of this message. Secondly, I'm assuming here that you set the resolution to something smaller than your Wi…
  • Did you try to log in via the account retrieval system, or did T2 think it already had a properly generated key from your last install? ...not that I have any idea how this s*** works.
  • This thread really deserves to die. It started out as a joke thread, but now people are actually arguing about this (well, some people are. the rest are appropriately saying ridiculous things). This isn't a thread about the best player ever, this is…
  • (Quote) I have that in my tailgunner voice menu. I put binds for 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 flares (with the nullvoice of the lady saying the number), as well as a bind for when I'm not flaring and the pilot should outrun the missile. This is why I like pub…
  • I use Faramir's Bombing Crew script. I'm pretty sure it requires the writer's support pack. It warns on three flares, one flare, and no flares, and when you hop in it tells the pilot what pack you have and how many flares you have.
  • Keen, better start working on MD4. Someone should probably get HM3 rolling as well.