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16 Forums / Support / Re: TribesNext Profile and Clan API [BETA] on: October 21, 2017, 05:18:03 PM
This is a reminder to update any of your software to use the new "" API hostname. If you're using the old tournamentNetClient, be sure to replace it with touernamentNetClient2. If you're using pre-RC3 code from GitHub, make sure you've pulled latest from t2-scripts/master as of September 25th. Sites using the API will need to update themselves too.

I will be making the changes to systems on my end soon without further advanced notice. If you neglect to update and your stuff breaks: you have been warned.
17 Forums / Server Support / Re: Server hosted and cant joining on: October 10, 2017, 08:07:56 PM
You haven't provided very much information, but since you've posted in server support, I'll assume you're running a server that is rejecting players with that error message.

Make sure the clock on the server is set to the current date and time. It must be within 20 minutes of the correct time.
18 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Would it be wise to contact hirez and ask to submit t2 to gaming sites? on: September 20, 2017, 07:05:28 PM
The short answer is that this is never going to happen.

We distribute the original freeware Tribes 2 installer from the FilePlanet Tribes Vengeance launch free-key promotion in 2004, and a completely separate automated patch file that adds interoperability with the TribesNext server listing, account, community, and match-making systems.

Current US copyright case law suggests that under this model neither piece by itself represents distribution of a derivative work (am not lawyer or your lawyer, this is not legal advice). The onus is on the user to break their T2 EULA by installing the patch, and once you combine the pieces, things get a lot more radioactive. Does distributing that combined artifact constitute distribution of a derivative work? Probably. Will you get sued by Vivendi/Sierra/Dynamix/GarageGames/HiRez, or whoever happens to own the IP of the game at the time? No idea, but it's stupid to consider it.

Also keep in mind that the TribesNext patch is a copyrighted work of the TribesNext team. While we distribute it as freeware, and some parts of the patch are made available as source code, it is NOT public domain, or "free" as in the "free/libre software" definition. Some of the internal source files are labeled as GPL, but these have been granted special licensing exception for TribesNext from the principal author (i.e. me). In short: don't ship derivative works of the TribesNext patch without our authorization, because you will (probably) be running afoul of the TribesNext team's copyrights. This is has multiple purposes: protecting the community from accusations of copyright infringement by the Tribes 2 IP holders, protecting individuals from inadvertently exposing themselves to personal liability, and making sure we're involved in any kind of officially licensed "remaster" of Tribes 2 that might want to use our code or player databases.

The brutal reality also is that the game is about 16 years old now, with more of its lifetime (~9 years vs ~7 years) spent under TribesNext stewardship than the original master server and account system. Putting it on Steam or advertising it on other sites is not going to lead to any major or sustained increase in player counts. The gaming ecosystem has moved, and outside of retro gaming enthusiasts, nobody cares, or can be made to care through awareness. Even the Mid-Air guys are going to struggle with their modern reboot attempt of the FPS+Z genre.

I'll be keeping systems on my end up for the foreseeable future, since it basically doesn't cost me anything to do so, but if you really want to breathe life into this kind of game: build an easily accessible Tribes clone that pares things down to the bare essence of what made it awesome, and start investing in a future instead of the past. APIs for building games in modern web browsers are more than enough to make something amazing that people could start playing with a click of a URL -- no installation of anything required. If someone builds a click and go indie-style essential FPS+Z, they might have a chance to build something cool, and really get momentum. Anything less won't meet table stakes.
19 Forums / Support / Re: TribesNext Profile and Clan API [BETA] on: September 19, 2017, 10:44:19 PM
T-Mail was never completed. The APIs are partly in place, and it's possible that most things are working, but in the time that I was willing to spend on it, I preferred to add the userinvite method the browser API when I did this beta API release 3 years ago.

I've intentionally not documented the Mail JSON API. If you look at the script source code, there is an implementation against the robot API, but I'll actively discourage you from using it. There are probably bugs, and I don't have the time to track them down, or fix any issues that may cause problems with accounts that attempt to use them. Buyer beware if you try using them.

I was actually never going to implement invitation requesting, since I couldn't come up with a satisfactory way to actually do it (i.e. who would you send the request mail to?). In the browser UI code I implemented in the game, I think I removed all references to that capability.

Generally speaking, there are far better ways to communicate and coordinate available today than a crappy half-implemented private messaging system that I never finished. Use Discord, Slack, IRC, or whatever else the gaming community uses nowadays.

As a final point, you're best off using the API references I've already posted, and the T2 script code on GitHub if you want to build on top of this system to do things. Almost all of your questions should be answerable by reading through the information I've already made available. To reiterate: I don't have time to do new development for TribesNext, and that includes answering more than the questions I've already addressed.

You're absolutely free to build on top of my systems, but you'll need to be self-directed in learning and understanding how the existing stuff was put together. I simply don't have the time to say more than this.
20 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Shape of things to come on: September 19, 2017, 10:18:37 PM
21 Forums / Support / Re: TribesNext Profile and Clan API [BETA] on: September 18, 2017, 08:35:32 PM
Viewing, accepting, and declining invitations were added to the browser API rather than doing it via t-mail (see message #3 in this thread, specifically the userinvites, useraccept, userdecline methods). That's different from the way the game did it originally, but there's no reason it has to work the exact same way as before. There is no in-game UI to do it the new way, but, like I said above: I'm not doing any new development for TribesNext.
22 Forums / Mods and Customization / Re: New App- Rally Time Server Auto Push Notification System- Thyth Chimeth inith on: September 17, 2017, 06:42:33 PM
Older versions of GameQ (at least the one on SourceForce) claim to support Tribes 2 server querying in the same way that clients do, implemented in PHP, which would give you the names of players on a particular server. You can get the list of servers on TribesNext by querying our master server list and query across them all every few minutes.

You don't need to authenticate or get permission from me (or anyone elose) to get the info you need for this kind of project.

You will, however, need to build it yourself. Good luck.
23 Forums / Support / Re: TribesNext Profile and Clan API [BETA] on: September 17, 2017, 02:25:16 PM
I'm not doing any new development for TribesNext. Just keeping things up and running as they were before.
24 Forums / Support / Re: TribesNext Profile and Clan API [BETA] on: September 16, 2017, 01:58:30 PM
I've just made a few changes to the URLs in the first 3 posts. All URLs to "" are now "", and I have also made a new version of the tournamentNetClient available with this change:

All existing API endpoints are now active on this new sub-domain, and behave the exact same way.

In approximately 1 month (probably around 2017/10/21), I will be *deactivating* the API endpoint on the non-sub-domain "" endpoint as part of overhauls to my personal website. For multiple reasons (including site-wide default to HTTPS, and a vastly different underlying system design), it isn't tenable to provide these older services on the top-level domain.

Please update your TribesNext installs with the new tournamentNetClient2, and update any remote websites using the TribesNext Community APIs to the new hostname by this time.
25 Forums / Support / Re: Getting Tribes 2 to Work in Serria Macintosh Devices on: June 27, 2017, 07:08:28 PM
Run: wine start file.lnk

You can also run Tribes2.exe with the -nologin command line flag (for solo and lan) or -online command line flag (for online mode). E.g.: wine Tribes2.exe -nologin

If you're playing offline, you don't need to install the TribesNext patch.
26 Forums / Support / Re: Getting Tribes 2 to Work in Serria Macintosh Devices on: June 25, 2017, 07:58:59 PM
I've tested this a few months ago on mac OS Sierra (on a 2014 MBA) with Wine 1.8.5 from Homebrew, and it works fine.

Follow the instructions here:

Everything installed by Wine will be in under the .wine directory in your user's home directory. If you're not using the terminal command line (like you should), dot prefixed directories are hidden by default in the Finder, but you can use Command-Shift-. to show them temporarily.
27 Forums / Server Support / Re: Can you tell me how to create a server and put it in the servers list please? on: June 20, 2017, 08:54:17 AM
Both parts (a and b) of step 4 described in that post are required: outbound access on 80/TCP, and inbound access on 28000/UDP -- or whatever port you the game to serve on.

The list server will try handshaking with the T2 server on that UDP port to make sure it is reachable to clients over the internet. The error message you're getting indicates this handshake fails, thus your server is not reachable, and it has not been added to the list.
28 Forums / Support / Notice of server downtime: 2017-04-27 to 2017-04-28 on: April 28, 2017, 09:46:10 PM
A brief power outage on the morning of the 27th brought down my server. It's back online now.
29 Forums / Support / Re: Tribes 2 plays extremely well on Linux (if not better than Windows)! on: February 28, 2017, 10:19:45 PM
Or you can follow my original instructions sticked in this support forum:

I would also recommend downloading the Linux tweaked version of TribesNext directly from us (in that thread), just to avoid any potential hazards from 3rd party hosting.

Additionally, I've recently verified behavior on macOS Sierra, using the latest wine from homebrew, and it similarly works great.
30 Forums / General Discussion / Re: New In-Game IRC Client on: February 11, 2017, 04:29:18 PM
TribalWar shut down their IRC server yesterday (without giving anyone a heads up).

I've created a new #tribesnext channel on QuakeNet ( to replace the one on TribalWar.

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