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  • You had better be referring to tictacs. Otherwise, thats just gross.
  • It is covered in depth in the in game sartorial. Thyth is correct. However, if you were that desperate, why not simply look at the controls in the settings? Isn't that how you figure any game out?
  • *Sarcasm* Or maybe he just doesn't like him?
  • If you want some help editing the current one, let me know. I'll see if I can't find some time.
  • It is an awesome vid killer. The music fights, the "footage" grabs ur attention pretty well. I agree with everyone else though. The constant dl link is really annoying. Also, gameplay would be a nice addition or maybe some highlights.
  • What do you ppl got against Tarzul? I remember him as a pretty good player. And all this "I'm better than someone" crap is getting annoying. Most ppl playing the game today couldn't stand up to the best players in the years past.
  • We need an admin fix then. I think I MUST be on that list. I'm the best thing created on this earth since the invention of cookie dough ice cream. 8) Whoever loves it when T2 becomes serious business raise your hands!
  • A good voicepack comes wiht a .txt file of instructions. I suggest starting there.
  • Duel servers are generally empty and ppl are only in them if they switched from something like arena. I used to like to duel alot as well, but I found that once you give arena a chance, it's more fun.
  • Yay Talon. What's up bro? We'll have to play sometime.
  • I was Waldred then, I am Waldred now.
  • Pssshhhh. BOOOOOOOOOOO. ouch. many other words could be substituted here for your meanness. :'(
  • Maybe you're the impersonator? haha jk :P Well I'm Waldred here. Also known as Waldred, Waldred, Waldred, and yes, Waldred. Played in one clan (Lgendary) however, many people "remember me" and claim I competed back in the day before I ever had full. Kinda strange how that could have ever happened?
  • Neither *EDIT* Porsche Carerra GT or Dodge Viper HINT: Easy Question.
  • I don't know about Halo, but COD4 is a sick game. Hate on it or not, people play it, people love it, and people will continue to play it much like T2 has been played.
  • If I'm not mistaken, there may be a demo available. It was available upon the games release which is when I tried it, but I can't prove or disprove whether or not it's still available. I would start with that if you can before purchasing on paypal because the gameplay really is different than t2.
  • As I stated in my post, it will most likely deter some people from cheating. Some is better than none isn't it?
  • I played it. It was different enough from t2 that I did not like it. I'm sure it would be entertaining if you're willing to put the time into it. Many controls are the same, but the flying is definitely different.
  • Either way, some sort of protection can't hurt. If people want to put time in to crack it, that's their prerogative. At least some people will be deterred from cheating.
  • Demonoid is my favorite torrent search engine. Can't be a member without a current member invite, so its never too crowded and doesn't generally cary viruses.
  • Actually Shizuka, I do not appreciate your sarcasm nor did I appreciate it earlier. Lose your attitude.
  • Why all the animosoity? Granted it was not the smartest post, its just another player who wants to play with everyone. Why chase him away? If you don't want to use his server (and you probably don't) then don't join.
  • Lol this post wasn't meant to cause trouble. The problem is fixed. Let's all just move on.
  • Thanks for the apology. Much appreciated....? Either way, It was not the "no servers show up probelm" . The problem is fixed. End of story.
  • Whatever. I fixed it myself. Thanks for teh clear lack of help. Ill definitely use this again.
  • I did and its a different issue. Read the post first before you respond.
  • my capper loadout is.... green laser. empty empty flares satchel pack hope this helps LOL
    in None Comment by Waldred April 2009
  • I know you guys are probably trying to help, but it's useless creating new forums. Everyone is already a member here and it works perfectly. Why fix whats not broken?
    in New Forum Comment by Waldred April 2009
  • There is generally some leading of the shot involved. It depends on the distance of the shot and the relative speeds of each moving individual. Just takes some practice to get the feel for it.
    in None Comment by Waldred March 2009